1. Lucie Loves… London

    Jack Rocks The Macbeth // Kele Okereke album launch party

    A couple of photos from a #spiritofjack gig that JMG and I attended recently at The Macbeth, Hoxton. The place was jammed to the rafters with Kele Okereke fans supping Jack Daniel’s cocktails and dancing to tracks from Kele’s new album Trick.

    I bought myself and JMG a JD and coke and then listened as Kele performed a few tracks. We’re both fans of Bloc Party from our uni days spent partying in Birmingham to hits like Banquet, Helicopter and Flux. It kind of made me a bit nostalgic - hearing a voice that is so familiar singing (as yet) unrecognisable lyrics. The crowd loved it though.

    I was really impressed with how my new Canon 5D MKIII DSLR camera and 50mm f1.4 lens handled the low lighting conditions at the gig. It was a definite improvement on the Canon 5D MKII model I had previously.

    I’m looking forward to getting to grips with the new camera features and seeing how it responds to a lifestyle bloggers demanding schedule…

    Watch this space.

    Photography © Lucie Kerley

  2. Lucie Loves… Wine

    Kumala hangout with winemaker Ben Jordaan - October 2014

    Tune in at 7pm tonight to watch our LIVE wine tasting session with winemaker Ben Jordaan from Kumala and watch as he expertly guides us through three bottles red and rose wine: 


    Want to drink along at home… here’s what you’ll need:

    1 x Kumala Pinotage Rose

    1 x Kumala Pinotage Shiraz 

    1 x Kumala Reserve Shiraz

    3 x Wine glasses 

    1 x Drinking water

    1 x Spittoon (optional)

    Over to you…

    We’ll be answering questions throughout the hangout, so feel free to tweet me @luciekerley or email your wine questions to info@luciekerley.co.uk

    Interested in finding out more about wine check out The World’s Shortest Wine Book by Simon Woods

  3. Lucie Loves… London

    Enjoy Music | Skate | Art & Food? Check out House of Vans LDN

    This weekend JMG and I took a train to Waterloo in pursuit of the House of Vans skatepark. JMG has been a massive fan of the brand ever since we met 7-years ago. I swear that boy has worn out so many pairs of Vans, I’ve lost count of how many I’ve bought him for birthdays and christmases! He also promised there would be food so off we trotted to check it out.

    We spent a good 10-minutes spent wandering the tunnels underneath Waterloo station before finding it. We visited a rather unexpected pop-up art gallery showcasing 3d printed jewellery and screen printed artwork, soaked in spray paint fumes and watched street artists at work. We then quickly circumnavigated a photo shoot, involving a cross-dressing rollerblader and a girl riding a moped, and emerged back onto the street, having finally found the entrance to the House of Vans. Which is actually at street level and not in the tunnels underneath!

    H.O.V has a skatepark, cinema, cafe, two bars, a music venue (which recently hosted the Foo Fighters) and is a great place for people of all ages to hangout. We were well impressed!

    JMG and I arrived at around 2:30pm on a Saturday afternoon and were pleasantly surprised at how calm the place was. Alternative looking mummy’s and daddy’s and their über-cool skater kids were hanging out amidst the more seasoned skaters, watching the Vans Shop Riot Finals via the cafe’s live stream tv in between free skate sessions. Rad.

    There was also a independently published books and zines fair on, which was pretty sweet too.

    The only downside to this fabulous piece of the skating underworld, is that there is no cashpoint! Be warned! if you’re hungry or thirsty after your skate session - make sure that you’ve got cash to buy refreshments, otherwise you’ll need to hot foot it to Waterloo station for the nearest ATM machine.

    All in all the food was pretty darn good. It cost us £17 for two meals and two cafe lattes. Nice!

    Check out House of Vans LDN and if you haven’t seen them already, have a look at a few of the photos I took of the Long Live Southbank campaigners supporting the cause. Congrats on saving your skate space guys! 

    Photography © Lucie Kerley