1. One of my #30list challenges is to read 3 famous books. I’m one down two to go. Just finished Lord of the Flies by William Golding. Amazing book! About to start reading #TalkLikeTed by Carmine Gallo and #ThingsALittleBirdToldMe by #Twitter co-founder Biz Stone - thanks for the book recommendation @chriswatt44! #LEKx30 #books #readinglist #lbloggers

  2. Lucie Loves… Weddings

    8-months to go… time to hit Brides The Show!

    The last 10-months since we got engaged have truly flown by. It seems like only last week that JMG got down on one knee and popped the question with my custom made neon sign.

    Planning a wedding is exhausting. Exciting? Yes. But quite exhausting. Especially when juggling it with a full-time job, a blog and a life. However, we’ve thrown ourselves into it and have been very busy. 

    But tonight, I’ve taken some time out. I’m curled up on our sofa, reading the newest offering from ELLE UK. The inaugural edition of ELLE Wedding magazine, kindly slipped in the post to me by the lovely Miette L. Johnson, Art Director at ELLE UK and now ELLE Wedding. You must be pleased as punch LorraineMiette and team!

    It’s fresh, current and full of articles and suggestions that you wouldn’t see on the pages of any other bridal publication. It’s like a printed version of your favourite wedding blogs: think Style Me PrettyFestival Brides, Rock My Wedding and Offbeat Bride in slick, well laid-out PRINT form! You will be pleased!

    As a 29-year old bride-to-be with a strong idea of what I do like (natural textures, coloured-glass, a strong focus on ambient lighting and fun) and don’t like (organza bows and chair covers), this feels right up my street.

    I get sick of the site of wishy-washy pastels, shit typography and sugared almonds. Something I can’t get my head around is when people jump onto the wedding conveyor belt and don’t dare imprint anything of themselves onto their big day.

    Show me something of the personalities behind the fabulous event - like this magazine does - and I’m happy. It feels human. I can’t wait to buy the spring edition, I’m hoping that comes out just before I walk down the aisle in May 2015.

    Things we’ve ticked off our own wedding planning list so far…quite a lot:

    • Get engaged
    • Tell everyone
    • Design an engagement ring
    • Gather Pinspiration
    • Choose a date
    • Write a guest-list
    • Find a venue
    • Book a photographer
    • Choose bridesmaids/groomsmen
    • Buy a dress
    • Get bridesmaid dresses
    • Search for a caterer
    • Find a cake maker
    • Sort out decorations
    • Find hair accessories - to veil or not to veil?
    • Buy bridal lingerie
    • Have a dress fitting
    • Hire lighting
    • Book registrar
    • Give notice
    • Finalise guest-list
    • Sort JMG’s suit
    • Attend a menu tasting
    • Book honeymoon
    • Send out wedding invites
    • Buy booze
    • Organise wedding flowers
    • Arrange wedding cars
    • Arrange ceremony musician
    • Sort out entertainment
    • Choose and order wedding rings
    • Book wedding weekend hotel
    • Decide on hair
    • Decide on makeup
    • JMG stag do
    • LEK hen do
    • Sort out seating plan
    • Advise caterers on final numbers
    • Get married
    • Send thank you cards

    October is fast approaching and our wedding to-do list is not getting that much smaller. In fact, things are coming thick and fast now. Decisions need to be made, invitations sent and deposits paid.

    My Mum  - aka Mother-of-the-Bride - is ever so excited! She’s coming to London at the beginning of October to make a weekend of it! We’ll be tackling wedding tasks like my vintage wedding dress fitting on the Saturday and then attending Brides The Show on the Sunday.

    We need to find her a gorgeous (and not old-fashioned) Mother-of-the-Bride dress. One that is as unique and as special as she is. My Mum is only petite and so has a definite style in mind for my big day. We’re hoping to meet fashion and occasion-wear exhibitors at Brides The Show and see whether any of their wares tickle our fancy. The lovely Robyn Coles Millinery has also been in touch, after our brief encounter on #weddinghour, with a lookbook of her fabulous hats. So that’s another task on our list for when Mum comes down to stay - choose one that makes her feel fabulous!

     Wedding Hour is a huge Twitter virtual meetup between brides, venues and suppliers, from all over the world, that happens every Wednesday between 9 & 10pm - check it out!

    Brides The Show is on from Friday 3rd, Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th October 2014 at the Business Design Centre, Islington. If you’re a fellow Bride-to-be and fancy 20% off your ticket* price, use my code LOVES20 at the checkout and save your pennies for all of the pretty trinkets on display that will make your big day super special. Buy tickets here.

    *Single tickets cost £20, Gold Catwalk tickets £35 (includes fast track entry into the show, a reserved catwalk seat in the front two rows, a glass of champagne, a catwalk guide and running order and a luxury gift bag including treats from Bobbi Brown Cosmetics, Michael van Clarke, Potcake weddings and Two Little Cats). Group tickets are £60 (4 people and over - ticket price £15 when buying 4 or more tickets).

    If you’re heading to the show, give me a shout and don’t forget to share the promo code LOVES20 with your friends! 

    Read more of mine and JMG’s wedding planning journey here: lucieloves.co.uk/tagged/LEKxJMGWedding

    If you’re interested in working with us, please email info@luciekerley.co.uk.

    Photography © Lucie Kerley

  3. Lucie Loves… Fitness

    Working out with Move Pop Up Gym on the rooftop of One New Change with Adidas x Stylist Magazine.

    I’ve fallen out of shape. At least it feels that way. I’ve had a rather sedentary summer and, as the date of our wedding in May next year draws ever nearer, I’m concerned that I will be one mushy lump rolling down the aisle - if I don’t put down the pain aux raisin and pick up the pace. Pronto!

    And so, I stepped up onto the roof of One New Change, with its spectacular views out over London, and, under watchful eye of St Pauls Cathedral, performed a serious workout with several Stylist Magazine winners and put my pair of Adidas Energy Boost to the test.

    Here’s what I wore:

    We listened to a set of instructions called out by Move Pop Up Gym's brainchild, AJ and all did our own freestyle interpretations of the tasks. To sum it up: we sprinted on the spot like our lives depended on it, we performed jumping squats, lunges, star-jumps, and burpees. We did press-ups and then lay on our backs and cycled and kicked our legs cancan style. We followed it up with some side lunges and maybe one other thing that was obviously too painful to remember.

    This is called HIIT. Otherwise known as high intensity interval training. You perform each exercise in 20 second bursts and repeat the sequence three times until you’re a sweaty mess and can take it no more. The next day my thighs and abs were aching, so it obviously works those muscles pretty hard.

    The workout was finished by midday, so I treated myself to brunch-for-one at Gordon Ramsey’s Bread Street Kitchen. I must say, it was THE BEST eggs benedict with spinach that I’ve had in ages. I definitely would recommend this place. The interior was stunning too and the fresh orange was delicious.

    I don’t want to lose weight. Not really. I just want to tone up and have sculpted arms and abs on my wedding and honeymoon pics. Vain? Perhaps. But after all, you’ve got to look at those pictures for the rest of your life, so surely some effort should go into making sure you look and feel your best. We’ve got 8-months to shape up, JMG and I.

    I’ve blogged before about my own falling out of love with sport and how it’s been quite a challenge to rekindle a passion for it. However, I have just received my 30-list (a list of 40 challenges, whereby you can veto only 10 of them, with the aim being that the person who completes the most from the list is the winner.) Myself and my friends are all turning 29 this year and so the race is on to see who can achieve the most before we hit the big 3-0!) Some of us are far more competitive than others. My friend Marcos is already up and running under the hashtag #MEx30 - he’s even bought a domain name and started a blog (one of the things on his list!)

    One of the challenges on my list is to do a half-marathon, before I turn 30 next September. Arghhh! If I choose to accept it, it will be my first-ever. I’m terrified! Watch this space to see what happens. One thing’s for sure, it’s certainly going to take a lot of preparation - mentally and physically. 

    Over to you…

    Have any of you ran a half-marathon before? Do you have any tips for getting past that finish line in one piece? How long do I need to train for? Where is the best place to do one? Get in touch!

    Photography © Lucie Kerley

    Disclaimer: Thank you to Adidas for providing me with the amazing new kit.