1. Lucie Loves… Art

    Vlogged: Joe Wilson’s Fireworks for Dead Men at Coningsby Gallery - part two

    For those of you who were unable to make it to the private view or see the exhibition, in person - to accompany the photos I took at Joe’s latest solo exhibition, you can now enjoy a short film of the private view above, thanks to @jmgcreative.

    I dare you not to be impressed by this talented penmanship.



    Film © @jmgcreative

    Music // Pedestrian - Hei poa

  2. Lucie Loves… Fashion

    Introducing: Hobbs London spring/summer 2014 collection - part one

    Last week I attended a very special Hobbs spring/summer preview event with a handful of other lovely London bloggers: Liv - What Olivia Did, Marsha - London Tall Girl, Paula - P-Ho Diaries, Natasha - Girl in the lens, and Hannah - A fashion fix.

    This spring/summer Hobbs has opted for a contemporary take on tailoring, choosing a fresh, neutral colour palette in a mixture of silk and linen fabrics. They’ve created a series of straightforward silhouettes, along with some rather delicious quilted leather, as seen here on Anna, from South Molton St Style. 

    This collection has a much more youthful feel to it than any I’ve ever seen Hobbs produce before. There are dresses and suits that wouldn’t look out of place in Cos and Zara - both high street brands that my friends and I are a big fan of, and ones that we feel cater well for a style-savvy twenty-something audience. Us girls are looking for work/play wear that isn’t boring, but is well-cut and within our price range.

    We were given free run of the expansive Covent Garden store, and encouraged to drape as many clothes are we saw fit over our arms, ready for a big trying-on session in the specially reserved changing rooms downstairs! It was basically like having our very own personal shopping session - complete with Meringue Girls treats and obligatory glasses of Prosecco. Bliss!

    There was more than one occasion when several of us, unknowingly, picked up the same key pieces to try on, each time styling them slightly differently.

    Popular spring/summer blogger picks:

    Watch this space for part two, where I’ll be trying out a few of my favourite Hobbs pieces for spring/summer.

    Photography © Lucie Kerley

  3. Lucie Loves… Fashion

    Introducing JENA.THEO at Young British Designers

    When my eyes fell upon this black & floral number from JENO.THEO it triggered a mixture of reactions inside me. POW! A complete kaleidoscope of colour!

    Every year I wait in anticipation for the flood of florals, whose perennial presence is a balm to my washed out winter blues; such a hold they have over the fashion industry.

    If you’re up to date with your favourite fashion editorials, you’ll have read all about the emergence of summer blacks by designers like Isabel Marant, Whistles, Joseph, and Tamara Mellon, along with the celebration of after-hours florals showcased by big name brands like Dior, Carven, Stella McCartney, and Balenciaga, along with fashion’s favourite boys: JW Anderson and Christopher Kane - who’ve also paid homage to the humble ‘flower as muse’ concept.

    Comfort and style, mixed with a somewhat 90s grunge, skater-girl edge: this super-powered JENA.THEO floral curved sweatshirt dress, at £160 is bang on trend when it comes to, as ELLE UK recently coined it, modern pretty style, as opposed to just your standard dreamy pretty.

    I teamed it with pretty black glitter ankle socks and WALTON rose gold metallic sandals,  from Topshop, and my beautiful black leather Caity rucksack from Danielle Foster.

    JENA.THEO was founded in February 2009 by Jenny Holmes and Dimitris Theocharidis who were inspired to collaborate by a mutual respect and admiration for each others styles and saw that by working together they could create a truly unique collection. Jenny works on voluminous and challenging pattern cutting whilst Dimitris focuses on the silhouette and delicate tailoring. The two won the coveted Fashion Fringe at Covent Garden award in 2009, previewing their first collection for AW10.

    Shop JENA.THEO now at Young British Designers


    Photography © @jmgcreative

    Style + Edit © Lucie Kerley

  4. Chosen Bun Review from jmgcreative on Vimeo.

    Lucie Loves… Food

    Chosen Bun: The new kid on the burger block and what I got up to this weekend

    Happy Easter one and all!

    Even if you’re just in it for the eggs, Easter, with its lovely bank holidays, is often a good time to catch up on all things important: sleep, friends, food and fitness. I’ve squeezed in quite a few of the aforementioned over the past couple of days.

    Friday: I caught up with my good friend and ex-flatmate, Pauline, on a nattery 4km walk around Hampstead Heath, followed by a couple of hot beverages and pastries at Euphorium Bakery. Watched Goggle Box for the first time and laughed our heads off!

    Saturday: JMG and I went for a run around the streets of Richmond, then rewarded ourselves with two big fat sausage and egg bagels and swiftly devoured a surprise scrumptious Hotel Chocolat bunny that his mum had kindly popped in the post for us. I watched as JMG edited a short film of the Joe Wilson Fireworks for Dead Men exhibition and we caught up on some TV shows.

    Sunday: I put my rollers in, did my hair all nice, and then got caught in the rain and looked like a drowned rat by the time we arrived at our friend Will’s house, where we ordered our first ever Chosen Bun burgers…

    So, Chosen Bun, what is it?

    Having tried many London burger joints over the past couple of years, it was only after doing a quick search through my inbox on Sunday, whilst catching up on a bit of blog admin, that I realised I’d missed an opportunity to add a new one to my ever-lengthening list.

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  5. Lucie Loves… Food

    [Wo]man versus food #ExtremeGrilling challenge: Super-sized chilli dogs 

    Always one for trying new foods, we were excited when my friend Pauline bought us a pack of ginormous Herman Ze German sausages. But I wasn’t quite sure what to do with them…

    When the guys at George Foreman got in touch - asking if I’d be up for a bit of #ExtremeGrilling, I rose to the challenge, like any person with a rumbly stomach would. And then it struck me! I would attempt homemade chilli dogs!!!!

    I like to think of the grill as being a bit like an indoor BBQ. I’m even wondering whether it’s possible to get a small portable battery pack so that we can take this thing on picnics. Let me know if you’ve tried it…

    In London, we’ve got more American diner-style restaurants than you can shake a stick at! But I thought, as we’re in ‘saving-up-for-our-wedding’ mode it was about time that I attempted a ‘classic’ diner dish at home - it also meant that I could use up the remainder of the chilli that I’d cooked earlier in the week.

    All you need is..

    • left-over chilli,
    • hot dog buns,
    • Herman Ze German sausages,
    • grated mature cheddar cheese,
    • home-made rosemary & garlic potato wedges,
    • and two very hungry people.

    After donning my pinny, I popped our super-sized hot dog sausages onto the grill for a good 25 to 30-minutes, heating up the chilli in a pan, and letting the wedges cook in the oven, until they were done. We weren’t prepared for quite how spicy they’d be, and that’s before being topped with any chilli. So extra glasses of water are advisable! Mind you, they were delicious, massively filling and really easy to prepare. 


    In the words of our good friend Trent Potter: It was a trip to tasty-town.

    Thank you to George Foreman for supplying the grill and for letting my try my hand at being an American fast food chef. JMG commented that the grill was really easy to clean too - an extra bonus! 

    Update: My mum just told me that they takes a George Foreman grill camping with them when they go away for the weekend to a site with an electric hookup. Nice!

    Photography © Lucie Kerley / @jmgcreative

  6. Lucie Loves… Bikes

    jmgcreative x cycling

    A few pics from a recent photo shoot I did of JMG on his beloved State Bicycle. We’re very fortunate to live close enough to our places of work that we can both bypass the use of public transport and hop on our bikes. He rides fixed gear and I’ve got my pretty black Pashley Princess.

    JMG wears…

    Bike gear…

    JMG uses Strava to track his daily rides, often coming home with a huge grin on his face as he tells me about the personal record he’s just smashed.

    Cycling culture (see also Cycle Love, founded by James Greig in early 2012) is something that we’ve both grown very fond of over the last few years. If you’re not sure what I’m on about and haven’t watched Boikzmoind yet, do it now! It’s a short fixed gear documentary film, set in Bristol and focuses on the way in which bikes bring people together. It’s made by our good, and very talented, friend Gavin Strange aka Jam Factory. Watch the full film here:

    BÖIKZMÖIND - A Fixed Gear Bicycle Documentary from BÖIKZMÖIND on Vimeo.

    Other bike-inspired creativity…

    Bike from jmgcreative on Vimeo.

    BMX from jmgcreative on Vimeo.

    Photography © Lucie Kerley

  7. Lucie Loves… The ring

    "If you liked it then you should have put a ring on it…" Yeah, he did!

    This evening I got home from my run, the first in quite a while, and staggered up stairs looking a little hot and sweaty to find JMG down on one knee holding out a ring! At last! 

    JMG had rode over to Richmond to Sarah May’s little boutique on his bike after work to collect it, in secret!

    It’s been a good two months in the making but it was certainly worth the wait. We’re so happy with how it turned out. Sarah did such a fantastic job. From the moment we met her, one cold and wintery afternoon back in January, we knew we’d found the place where we wanted to commission my bespoke engagement ring.

    You can read about our ring journey, along with the process and decisions we went through to come up with the bespoke design here: http://lucieloves.co.uk/tagged/Sarah-May-Jewellery

    The ring consists of two sapphires taken from an old necklace and a ring that my nan and grandad bought me as a teenager, ten little diamonds - three of which are from JMG’s mum’s old engagement ring and a few from my mum’s eternity band, a brand new brown/champagne coloured diamond for the centre piece to represent me and JMG, and a yellow gold band taken, I believe, from a gold earring that my nan gave me to weigh in and put towards it.

    The finished result is better than I could of wished for, and definitely not something that I could have bought off the shelf! To think that the guy in the jewellers next to Sarah’s shop had suggested that we just cash in the gold and stones and buy something ready-made! Pfft! I’m so glad that we didn’t cave in and do just that.

    I can honestly say that being proposed to twice is bloody amazing!! He’d even put the neon sign on again and the song - Your Hand in Mine by Explosions in the Sky, so that he could get down on one knee and propose with a ring this time. It was perfect.

    For those of you looking to design your own engagement or wedding ring, I would, without a doubt, recommend that you pay Sarah May a little visit. You’ll be glad that you did!

    The countdown to our 2015 wedding is well and truly on now! I’ll be updating the blog with more #LEKxJMGwedding related stuff over the next few months too, so keep your eyes peeled!

    What I wore… 

    Photography © jmgcreative

    Style + Edit © Lucie Kerley

  8. Getting back on it! @nikeuk 25 days to go… #weownthenight #nikeplus

  9. Lucie Loves… Music

    An unusual evening with Emmanuel Vass at LASSCo Brunswick House.

    The South London Concert Series is exactly that, a series of concerts but with a twist! Each concert is hosted in a rather unique venue, which immediately sets the tone for the audience to expect the unexpected.

    Launched in November 2013, the South London Concert Series was founded by harpsichordist, pianist and teacher Lorraine Liyanage and pianist, piano teacher and music blogger Frances Wilson to promote young and emerging musicians (primarily pianists) living or studying in the UK. The Series is unique as it also offers performance opportunities to non-professional and amateur pianists and other musicians by giving them the chance to perform alongside professionals in the same formal concert setting.

    When Lorraine contacted me, JMG and I couldn’t have been more tempted by the enticing offer of experiencing a live piano recital in such incredibly eccentric surroundings. LASSCo, which stands for the London Architectural Salvage and Supply Co, at Brunswick House in Vauxhall, is home to a treasure trove of curiosities and colourful reclaimed gems - another love of ours. I can’t wait to go back and explore the place properly when it’s back to its usual line of work- as opposed to doing a very good job of moonlighting as a rather decadent concert hall.

    The evening kicked off with a short introduction by BBC Music Magazine’s “rising star”, Pianist Emmanuel Vass, in a nicely sized room decked out with rows of reclaimed wooden school chairs in front of an old deep mahogany-coloured piano.

    Packed in tight, the audience sipped on glasses of Prosecco as introductions were given and 24-year old Manny, originally from the Philippines and brought up in North Yorkshire, took to the keys. After playing his first couple of pieces, Manny opened up the floor, in his warm, rich northern accent, to fellow Pianists and supporting artists: Lorraine Womack-Banning, Jose Luis Gutierrez-Sacristan and Rob Foster. They played a combination of beautiful arrangements by Chopin, Turina, and, if I remember correctly, Mozart.

    The feeling of sitting in complete silence - even quieter than the silence you (are supposed to) sit in at the cinema, is a sign of huge respect for the talented musicians performing for us. After a busy day at work, we took a seat and relaxed as the music washed over us, bringing with it wave after wave of mixed emotions - it’s funny how music can do that to you, bringing to the fore poignant moments in your life.

    We spoke to piano teacher Lorraine about SE22 piano school and listened in awe as she told us that her most mature students were in their 80s and early 90s! JMG is determined to learn how to play the piano like his idol and musical genius, Chilly Gonzales, but in order to play they recommend that you have a piano at home to practice on - we don’t have one… yet.

    If you’d like to learn more about the South London Concert Series, click on the linked text, or if you’d like to hear more from Emmanuel Vass’s new album From Bach to Bond, you can do so from his website, which lists a series of upcoming concerts: www.emmanuelvass.co.uk

    A date for your diary…

    The next South London Concert Series performance is at the 1901 Arts Club on Friday 16 May. Doors at 7pm for a 7:30pm start and 9:30pm finish. Tickets are limited and cost £17.50 + £1.75 booking fee and can be purchased online here: http://www.wegottickets.com/event/252495

    Photography © Lucie Kerley

  10. Revisiting a classic! #Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier has to be one of my all-time favourite #books!

  11. Lucie Loves… #Zatchelsflashsale

    For 48-hours only Zatchels are giving you up to 70% off their delightful range of beautiful bags.

    Flash sale starts Friday 10 April at 6pm finishing at midnight on Sunday 12 April. So you better be quick!

    To kick off a month of activities and celebrations for their 3rd birthday, Zatchels are marking the start by launching a 48hr flash sale giving you a chance to bag a bargain and share in the festivities.
    Back for another year, the now almost legendary Zatchels birthday flash sale offers customers massive discounts off Zatchels leather bags and accessories bought at www.zatchels.com or at the Westfield London boutique.
    The best thing about it is that it’s running across all existing and new styles, meaning you can grab one of their leather satchels, totes, back packs, executive bags, barrel bags, clutches bags, and saddle bags in an array of classic, bright, pastel and metallic colours.

    Above are a few of the beauties that caught my eye…
    Zatchels is a modern British accessories brand founded on many years as a traditional leather goods manufacturer that combines this expertise with its signature handwriting of bold use of colour and the latest fashion styling. So well worth supporting!

  12. Let’s get sowing!! Guerilla Gardener @richard_001shows us how! I love @growwilduk. #wildflowers #wildthursday #london #guerrillagardener #london #biglf

  13. Lucie Loves… SS14 wardrobe refresh

    Shooting for spring: Antipodium and Danielle Foster lead the way

    The cherry blossom is out, Magnolias are in full bloom and daffodils are starting to fade. It can mean only one thing: spring is here and summer is just around the corner!

    Last year, I bought myself a plain grey sweatshirt from Uniqlo - I think it was after spying Alexa Chung looking amazing in one - as she does in everything - and it’s been such a great purchase, in terms of pounds-per-wear. I’ve worn it a hell of a lot!

    Alexa Chung grey sweatshirt

    So, this spring, when I spotted this statement offering by Antipodium, it literally had me at hello or should I say made me ‘Tres’ interested…

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  14. Lucie Loves… Theatreland

    One to watch: Fatal Attraction at the Royal Haymarket Theatre

    A couple of weeks ago I was offered tickets to see Fatal Attraction at the Royal Haymarket Theatre, London. Since moving to London around 18-months ago, theatre-going hasn’t been something that I’ve dedicated much time too - don’t get me wrong, it’s definitely something that I’m keen to do more of.

    I love the thrill of heading out of the office, on-time, and saying: “I’ve got tickets to the theatre.” It feels so very London. However, I must confess, I haven’t actually seen that many theatre productions. In fact, I can count them on one hand:

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  15. On my way to @GrowWildUK launch party! Well excited to see @NeonJungleMusic do their thing! #NEONSGrowWild. I’m appropriately dressed in my @jenatheo black & floral curved sweatshirt dress from @YBDfashion, Pull & Bear embossed jacket, @henryholland @house_of_holland tights, @drmartensofficial Darla boots and @annalouoflondon Monogram necklace.