1. Lucie Loves… Fashion

    #Blogged | First look at Kelly Love AW14 Wanderlust part four

    These photos are the last from the Nokia #1020Spotlight series that I shot with Sylvain Deleu.

    However, I didn’t do a colour-me-beautiful type consultation with a stylist to find out what colours suited me best. But if you are struggling to find your perfect hue specialists are on hand to help.

    Over the years I’ve tried on that many clothes in varying styles, colours and sizes that I now just wear whatever I feel comfortable in. 

    You can rarely go wrong with a classic shift dress. However, I must admit, I do tend to be drawn towards a particular colour palette.

    Autumnal shades are my sartorial go-to. Being a (faux) redhead I find that colours like tan, tomato-red, burnt-orange, olive-green, nude, and marmalade/mustard suit my hair and complexion. Knowing this makes shopping for things that suit so much easier. It also steers me away from my fashion no nos: pastel colours like lemon and lilac (they wash me out). 

    I like clothes with personality, and this pretty orange shift dress is a perfect AW14 wardrobe staple. It’s a great example of how being brave with colour, if done correctly, can result in a simple, yet sophisticated look. It’s easy to step up daywear like this for a an evening of cocktails by pairing with some great heels and an equally bold lip.

    What I wore: orange wool Sky at Dawn dress from Kelly Love’s AW14 collection, Nela sneakers from Lama Peach and Marc by Marc Jacobs 350s Havana sunglasses.

    View more photos from the #1020spotlight series here: http://lucieloves.co.uk/tagged/1020spotlight

    All photos featured were shot by Sylvain Deleu using only a Nokia Lumia 1020 and natural light.

  2. Lucie Loves… Tech

    #Blogged | Putting the Samsung WW9000 ecobubble touchscreen washing machine through its paces… or should that be cycles?

    It’s been almost two weeks now since I blogged about our first impressions of the new Samsung WW9000 ecobubble washing machine, when it landed at my parent’s house. And when I say ‘landed’, I mean landed. This machine is literally space-age technology in comparison to the knobs and buttons they had on their old model.  

    I went up to see them for the weekend whilst it was being installed and then came back down to London – fretting a little that I’d forced them into using a brand new machine that they might not have clue how to operate. Whilst the old model sits all redundant in the back garden.

    Any way, this week I caught up with my mum to see how she was getting on. My mum’s the kind of woman that does, on average, 2-3 wash loads a day! Is this normal? I’m not sure. But then again, she lives with my step-dad and brother, and often looks after my little nephew – so there is always an endless pile of washing to plough through. 

    One of the key features of the Samsung WW9000 ecobubble its ability to keep track of how much energy it’s consuming. It keeps a log of each cycle, along with the date and time it took place.

    My mum had a lot to say about how experience of getting to grips with the Samsung ecobubble:

    “I am absolutely delighted with my new Samsung washing machine! I am a self-confessed technophobe, but I’m finding it so easy to use. The touchscreen is self-explanatory and if you do happen to select the wrong washing cycle it is so easy to cancel, and programme in the correct cycle! I must confess that this was the thing I was worrying about the most and I needn’t have at all. 

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  3. Lucie Loves… #WestLDN

    Autumn/winter shopping at Westfield London and some very pretty finds!

    I was invited by Westfield London to check out their big west letters and then challenged to find an outfit to match!

    Undaunted by my task, and armed with a £150 giftcard, I set about scouring some of my favourite stores: Urban Outfitters, Topshop, Zara, and Cos, looking for pieces that would make my wardrobe’s transition from spring/summer to autumn/winter, as painless as possible.

    I found this incredible over-sized (big is better) Dree tie-waist coat in pale pink by Won Hundred at Urban Outfitters, worn over a Bella v-back dress by Carin Wester.

    Next I moved on to Cos - I love this store! It’s such a pleasure to shop in. It’s all colour coordinated, so you can find things really easily! I spotted this very beautiful raw-cut pale blue wool coat hanging on the rail.

    My next stop was one of my all-time favourite go-to places. Topshop. The store at Westfield London is pretty generously sized and is full of new autumn/winter goodies! I picked out a few pale blue and mint green pieces to try on for size and an amazing printed kimono to throw on over the top. I paired a pale blue casual chambray shirt with a floral print pleated midi skirt to create a look that I would wear to work.

    The wheel lace crop dress in mint was very pretty too, but quite summery, so I wasn’t sure how much wear I would get out of it. The fantasy print kimono of the other hand is something that I would wear all year round. I love the bold pattern and autumnal hues and it also looks fab worn over the two-tone lace midi dress. I opted for the midi dress as it’s a flattering length and will do perfectly for my friend’s wedding.

    After picking up a couple of pieces in Topshop, and these magic zip-front boots. I then popped into Zara to try on an embroidered mustard yellow dress. It first caught my eye a couple of weeks ago when my friend Sophie and I went to the Zara store in Chelsea. I decided that it absolutely needed to come with me on my birthday trip to Paris and bought it immediately.

    So, all in all, a pretty successful shopping trip and colour coordinated to match the #westldn sign! I can’t recommend heading to Westfield London on a Friday evening enough! It’s so much quieter than going at the weekend and there are practically no queues. Bliss!

    If you’re heading to Westfield London soon, be sure to tag your photos with #westldn to be in with the chance of winning some very cool prizes. Read more about it on their website.

    Photography © Lucie Kerley